Ink Nijihara is a shy and determined girl. She has a crush on her neighbor Nao, who doesn't seem to notice her that much.


Ink Nijihara (虹原 いんく Nijihara Inku?)
- The hero of Moetan. She lives next door to Nao and is infatuated with him. Even though she is 17 she is often mistaken as a grade-schooler, however she makes up for it with her high grades, especially in English. She meets Ah-kun who gives her the power to transform into the magical hero Pastel Ink; using a pink flip phone, her "magical girl transformation" uses ribbons to censor the "naughty bits". She transforms into a duck-like outfit with blue hair. Using this new power she helps the people of her city while also using it to tutor Nao in English. In episode 12 she has lost her magical abilities but still continues to tutor Nao under her own design of Pastel Ink and gets into the same college as he; she has not yet revealed to him that she is Pastel Ink. Ink's quirks are that she is very clumsy, often tripping over nothing, a trait she seems to have gotten from her mother; and becoming entranced to the point of drooling at the thought of being alone with Nao-kun.


She has light orange hair and turquoise eyes.





Ink has pink hair, with two small ponytails held up by hairbands with two pearl-like orbs. Her usual outfit is her school outfit, a puffy white dress with a brown vest and sleeves with exposed shoulders


In her transformation, Pastel Ink, her hair is blue and her ponytails are held up by two small bands. As Pastel Ink, she has a hat with a visor that looks like Ark-kun's duck beak. She wears a white school swimsuit with a blue collar with yellow stripes held up by a green orb. On the sides of the white school swimsuit she wears there are blue ruffles and a yellow ribbon on her butt-back. She also has some sleeves awfully similar to her school outfit's and holds a lollipop wand. Her shoes are hard to explain, though.